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My name is Chris Chapman and I am a web developer currently living in the DC area.

My primary interests are in interactive media (in all of its exciting potentials), especially for use in educational environments. Of those, I find “blue sky” education—the wide open area of our lives after formal education—to be the area that can most effectively transform our individual experiences. Be it MOOCs, apps, museum installations, or any other number of ways we can continue to build intrinsically motivating knowledge realms, I’m very much interested in bringing both old and new ways of learning together for the most effective experiences possible.

Projects I've worked on

ASL Clear

ASL Clear is an online American Sign Language STEM Concept Learning Resource featuring instructional modules presented by Deaf STEM content experts.

With UI constraints that required heavy reliance on custom video elements, (such as hover to play, click to navigate), the application was not functional on mobile devices. Over 6 months on this project, we migrated the front end from AngularJS to ReactJS, and implemented a video pipeline in AWS to automate content delivery and management.

ASLAI (Assessment Instrument)

The American Sign Language Assessment Instrument (ASLAI) is designed to track the yearly progression of ASL and English print literacy over time for students ages 4-18. The ASLAI consists of eleven receptive tasks: five related to vocabulary, three pertaining to syntax, and two reasoning and comprehension tasks. The ASLAI is now available to schools, states, and programs throughout the country on a contract basis.

Smart Clock
Smart Clock

For $40, you can get an atomic clock that hasn't changed in functionality in the last decade or so. Or, you could spend the same money for a discount tablet and create a fully functional Smart Clock with significant increased potential. The weather data is based off of Weather Underground's 10-day report, and the Moon Phase section dynamically shows holiday and special event information if available.

Building a portable, offline knowledge library with a Raspberry Pi and Kiwix

A project for the Raspberry Pi in making Wikipedia, TED Talks, Stack Overflow (Et al.) fully accessible and entirely without an internet connection.

Open edX for Internal Learning Networks

An overview of the process and considerations we made in setting up the Open edX Platform as an internal learning hub for all the different types of knowledge required for employees in our organization.

Rubik's Cube
Learn to solve the Rubik's Cube

I'd never found the in-package instructions very helpful on how to go about solving the Rubik's Cube. I'd learned from by Calculus teacher in high school and it's since been a benchmark I think about when comparing the effectiveness of digital learning versus face-to-face learning.

Marymount Manhattan College Course Listings
Marymount Manhattan College Course Listings

Full-stack development for the MMC course listings page

Marymount Manhattan College Griffin Days
Marymount Manhattan College Griffin Days

A unique social portal for incoming freshman to begin pre-orientation